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I'm Alan Reeves, founder of Auckland Singles.

There are many groups organising events for the thousands of single people living in Auckland. Our goal is to bring as many people as possible together under the one umbrella.

This means you have the chance to meet new people from all walks of life, make new friends and have some fun.

dot 30   Singles 40s, 50s and 60s
dot 30   Great events every month
dot 30   Meet as many new people as you like
dot 30   Free to join
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Dee - (Formerly of Speeddate Auckland)
Hi Alan,
Congratulations Alan on the opening of Auckland Singles!
I have worked for and with Alan . . .

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Who can join Auckland Singles?
Anyone who is single and in their 40s, fifties or 60s.
What does it cost?
It is free to become a member. Events have various small door charges to cover entertainment or refreshments.
How often are there events?
We generally hold at least one event every month and more.
Can I bring a friend?
You can certainly bring one or more friends who are single and in our age group.
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